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tetsuo shima (movie)

  1. Braking

    Goku (dbs) vs Tetsuo (akira)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tetsuo_Shima_(Movie) Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(DBS_Anime) Full Power Tetsuo used 4th key goku used (ui sign) Both are low 2-c Speed equal Goku:7 (@BEASTHEART880) (@Doggo) (@jojo123) (@Vizer04) (@Doggo) (@Quantu (@Dragonite007) Tetsuo:1...
  2. JoshDoshMosh

    Goku is sent to 2019 Japan and meets a strangely familiar teenager with a large forehead

    Son Goku is sent to 2019 somehow and meets Tetsuo Shima Both are in their high 8-C keys(Goku after defeating General Blue) Speed is equalized Who wins? Only saw Z, who dat?: KANEDAAAAAAA!: incon:
  3. The_Smashor

    Tetsuo vs Mob

    Thematic battle that I'm suprised dosn't exist yet. Shame I'm just starting to watch MP100 and know jack all about Akira. Rules: Both are High 8-C. Speed is Equalized. Otherwise SBA. Tetsuo Shima (Movie): Shigeo Kageyama: 7 (Dargoo Faust, Starter Pack, LSirLancelotDuLacl, Epiccheev...
  4. Jinsye

    High 8-C Doubles: Son Goku and Tetsuo Shima vs. Voldemort and Kai Chisaki

    Round 2! Speed is equal, characters can't betray eachother but they have prior knowledge of their teammates. Range is within 30 feet Who wins? Son Goku (Dragon Ball) and Tetsuo Shima (Movie): 0 Voldemort and Kai Chisaki: 0
  5. Starter_Pack

    Dr. Clef vs. Tetsuo Shima (Reality Warper Assassin vs. Out-Of-Control Esper) (Voting Completed)

    An incident has occurred in Site-ÔûêÔûê, as a young boy that was recovered from the streets of Tokyo after the recovery of SCP-ÔûêÔûêÔûêÔûê has escaped his D-Class containment cell and has begun wreaking havoc within the facility, apparently searching for a way out of the facility. Now...
  6. ZephyrosOmega

    Tetsuo Shima VS. Lucy (the Scarlet Johannson one)

    SO, i noticed these two have low 2-C forms. let's go at it! Tetsuo is being given his movie version, to match up with Lucy. Both are allowed to access their full capacity, and speed is equalized. Otherwise... SBA! Tetsuo: Lucy:
  7. Tetsuo Shima (Manga) New abilities + Some Anime

    Lightning Manipulation - Showcases the ability to summon and travel as lightning . Transformation (Anime as well) - He doesn't just lose control and transform, he could do it at will , which allows him to integrate with technology, though he did lose control of it. I could have given more...