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super skrull

  1. Colonel_Krukov

    Super Skrull (Marvel Comics) vs Deoxys (Pokemon) 🎊 Vs Match #50 🎊

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed Equalised Super Skrull: 0 () Deoxys: 6 (azontr,BEASTHEART880,XSOULOFCINDERX,Cimafranca133,MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer,Mantidil) Inconclusive: 0 () Super Skrull is 1.2 Yottatons, Deoxys 896.53 Zettatons. Super Skrull has a ~1.3385x advantage
  2. LordTracer

    Super Skrull Upgrade

    Super Skrull's profile says that he's contended with Thor and Silver Surfer, but notes them as possibly being outliers. However, he is also noted as having fought She-Hulk, who is 4-B like Thor and Surfer. Super Skrull has also held his ow against Genis-Vell, and he was able to withstand a...
  3. Clockboxxer

    Deoxys vs Super Skrull

    Who wins?
  4. Zamasu_Chan

    Sonic vs Green Thanos

    Super Skrull vs Super Sonic 5-A In character Speed equal Ssj Hedgy: Green Thanos: Incon: Mismatch: Enemies of the Empire, shall be executed! Let's settle this, SUPER SONIC STYLE!

    Super Skrull vs Martian Manunter

    The two greenies gonna duke it out. will Skrull be able to turn the martain to ashes? Or will J'onn snuff out his flames?
  6. TheFinalOrder

    Madara Uchiha vs Super Skrull

    Location: Earth's Moon SoM: IC w/ Intent to Kill NOTE: I don't know if the "Brain Bubble" ability is IC for Super Skrull, but in case it is, "Both combatants have extensive Knowledge of each others abilities." Speed Equal 5-B versions (This is Rinne-Sharingan Madara) Starting Distance...
  7. Seventy96

    Son Goku vs Super Skrull

    5-B Speed equalized Mind control is banned In character Skrull Son Goku
  8. Landon_Avery

    Super Skrull vs Deoxys

    Super Skrull vs Deoxys https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Super_Skrull https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Deoxys Enemies of the Empire, shall be executed! Deoxys appeared! Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Speed =ized Location: The Moon Who wins and why?
  9. Cropfist

    Majora vs Super Skrull

    See above. "Combat speed" equalized.