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super saiyan 3

  1. The_Yellow_Topaz

    The MUCH NEEDED Super Saiyan Multiplier Revision

    Hey, so getting multipliers via scaling as opposed to using the stated ones is kind of dogshit, how about we change that and bring examples on how that could lead to some very big problems? Oh and, "SOB SOB, WHY IS EVERYTHING COLOR CODED?" LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SH- This revision has been...
  2. ChronoULT

    Super Saiyan 3 Multiplier

    So, currently, SSJ3 doesn't have a multiplier. This thread will try to apply one What Episode 5 has shown: 1-2: Goku vs Beerus starts, Whis thinks he has time to have a lunch 3-5: Goku transforms into Super Saiyan. Beerus considers it a slight power boost. After seeing them fight, Whis...
  3. Lightbuster30

    Buu Saga Top Tiers Minor Upgrades

    This isn't a huge upgrade, but SSJ3 could be felt all the way in the Kaio Realm. SSJ2 well...couldn't. If SSJ3s ki is powerful enough to be felt at cross dimemsional ranges, then it would be massivley above SSJ2. I think that the sheer power difference between the two could warrent an "at least"...
  4. FanofRPGs

    Should the SSJ2 and SSJ3 multipliers be used for speed?

    I asked it on Goku's speed blog Basically the SSJ2 is 2x SSJ1 and the SSJ3 is 8x SSJ1 Now the initial SSJ multiplier (50x) is discredited due to it being inconsistent and that SSJ focuses on strength, power, and durability. Not speed. But is the idea that SSJ2 is 2x faster than SSJ1 and that...