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spades slick

  1. GojiBoyForever

    DD: Takeover more violently | Spades Slick vs. Diamonds Droog

    Diamonds decides Slick isnt professional enough to run the Midnight Crew and decides to kill him. Battle in their Casino All weapons and equipment allowed. Spades Slick: Diamonds Droog: Clubs Deuce:
  2. QuasiYuri

    Homestuck powers revisions ACT 4: The Jacks and PM.

    If you want to have 3 good antagonist, make one, and give him alternates self: Shared Abilities (for their base key) All of the carapacians are clones, as such they all have the same biological abilities. Shared by everyone's base Good memory?:This. Immortality (type 1): Carapacians don't...
  3. Nemo212

    Spades Slick VS Spider-Man Noir

    Speed equalized. Fight takes place in Midnight City. "At least 9-A" keys. Spades doesn't have Felt weapons, unless the consensus is that it's a clear stomp. Spades Slick: 2 Spider-Man Noir (Into the Spider-Verse): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. Rodri_"Dante"

    Page for the Midnight Crew?

    So I made this thing, any thoughts?
  5. QuasiYuri

    The Felt and base Slick revisions

    Most are Street to Room level for being confronted by a member of the Midnight Crew or Spades Slick, while Spades Slick is a Small Building level in base. They should be at least Small Building level too. Spades Slick has also shown to be able to avoid bullets here and here . If the revision of...