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skullcrawler (monsterverse)

  1. Ong.ruixiang

    The length of Ramarak the Skullcrawler

    Shouldn't the length of Ramarak the Skullcrawler be probably up to near 200 feet (like about 59 meters long) due to what is stated in here and there?
  2. Ong.ruixiang

    Kazuma Kiryu vs the Skullcrawler

    Lets see what will happen if Kazuma Kiryu is about to fight the Skullcrawler.
  3. Ong.ruixiang

    Mothra Larva (Monsterverse) vs Ramarak

    vs What is going to happen here?
  4. 1000TonsofFun

    Skullcrawler revisions

    Why are there three tabs for the skullcrawlers? For some reason there is a different tab for the ones that killed Kong’s parents despite being similar in size and appearance to Ramarak in Kong:Skull Island as seen here. I think it should be changed from the tabs of Young | Sub-Adult | Ramarak To...
  5. KieranH10

    Kong and the Skullcrawlers have a rematch. But they're a bit smaller...

    King Kong (2005) Vs Young Skullcrawler - Fight takes place on Skull Island (Legendary) - Battles starts with both 20 metres apart - Win by K.O. or death - Both are in character
  6. Huesito88

    Lizzie vs Ramarak

    They are the reptiles that are the antagonists to their respective gorillas of their series. Speed is equalized because unknown reactions for Ramarak Lizzie: Ramarak: 2
  7. Kiryu-MG3

    Kong (Legendary) and Skull Crawlers revision Thread.

    " High 8-C to 8-B via sheer size". Kong and Ramarak (Mire Squid scales from Kong) not the size of a city block, otherwise they'd be Large Size type 2 instead of Large Size Type 1. The size argument is not enough given that Kong and Ramarak are both Building Size instead of Large Building Size...
  8. ArgentinianDeadpool

    Vastatosaurus Rex VS Skullcrawler

    4 vs 4. Both 9-A. Speed Equalized. Vastatosaurus-Rex: Skullcrawler: 1 (Apex PredatorX) Inconclusive:
  9. ArbitraryNumbers

    MonsterVerse revisions

    My problem with this verse is that most of the characters are "High 8-C to 8-B via sheer size". This is a huge pet peeve of mine. These monsters are most certainly not the size of a city block, otherwise they'd take up half the picture shown below. When you think of large buildings and city...
  10. Sans2345

    Cloverfield Vs Skullcrawler

    Both Bloodlusted Both 8-C Tiers Speed Equel Large Buliding Level Skullcrawler Vs Large Building Level Cloverfield Cloverfield:0 Skullcrawler:0 Inconclusive:0