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sir george

  1. zaraus

    Ben 10 Aliens Scaling Each Other

    GEORGE Fasttrack withstands George's attack and reacts to his attacks : Evidence kevin gets behind george and stalls him a little bit and pulls his hair : Evidence Gwen attacks george and damages him and george attacks gwen and gwen withstands it : Evidence George fights ultimate...
  2. Minor Ben 10 CRT for Sir George

    Sir George should possibly have Supernatural Willpower In this scene, Azmuth says that only those with the strongest will could resist the mind control of the Lucubra creatures George was the only one unaffected, so in addition to Mind Manipulation resistance, he should also have Supernatural...
  3. DemiiPowa

    Ben 10 Ultimates 5-A Upgrade

    On the wiki we have Ascalon listed as 5-A due to it's ability to destroy planets with misuse of its power. When Ben is fighting against Sir George (Who is also 5-A because he wields the power of the Ascalon, which includes the armor since the sword grants that to you as well), Ultimate...
  4. Dargoo_Faust

    Forever Knight vs. Sliced Bread

    This could be fun. Don't think there's that many other Ben 10 High 5-As that would be a good match for Pastor Toastman. Speed is =. George has Ascalon, battle takes place on the roof of the Powdered Toast Inc. building. PTM is casual 34 ninatons, George is 101 ninatons Powdered Toast Ma -...
  5. DMB_1

    Diagon's tier

    Diagon's tier is currenlty "at least High 3-C" Yet, Ascalon's, Sir George and Ultimate Way Big's are still "at least High 5-A". Even Diagon's stats still say that he's Dwarf Star level, and I haven't seen any thread regarding this upgrade. Might I ask why is this the case?
  6. Kambings4life

    sir george's speed

    it's listed as unknown,but I think it should be changed to relativistic combat and reaction speeds, because he's reacted to the esoterica who can keep up with ben's forms,he's easily reacted to fasttrack,he's consistently kept up with herald!vilgax, and he also reacted to diagon,who kept up with...
  7. Antvasima

    Ben 10: Diagon, Sir George & Ascalon

    I think that the justifications for the "5-A, possibly 3-A" statistics justifications for Diago, Sir George, and Ascalo seem very insubstantial. Destroying planets of unspecified size is not automatically a 5-A rating, just "At least 5-B" (unless they are scaled from Way Big), and Diagon being...