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sheva alomar

  1. Cropfist

    Battle of the African Capcom ladies

    Elena vs Sheva (small building level)
  2. Resident evil revisions

    so my first argument is that just like captain america's shield, the krauser's blade-arm should have a different durability from his body, at least initially Since he can defend himself from RPGs with him and RPGs are listed being high 8-C. this is true in lore and in gameplay. as listed in this...
  3. PaChi2

    Mister Satan vs Sheva Alomar redux

    Mister Sata Sheva Alomar 10 meters distance. Speed equal. All equipment available. Fight in Racoon City.
  4. Totallynotchewbacca

    Bond takes on his worst enemy!

    Sheva Alomar vs James Bond SBA rules apply but heres a story anyway, James is trying to complete his newest mission in a bar in New York singing Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" when he sees his worst fear. AN AFRICAN WOMAN! James says,"Don't you know I am rascist and sexist! I am from...
  5. Jackythejack

    Mister Satan vs. Sheva Alomar

    The champion of the world fights some special agent lady . Yeah that's all I got for it. Speed is equalized, Hercule has access to his equipment, except for explosives, and Sheiva has all of the basic guns you can get. Both are 9-B of course and the fight takes place in Racoon City, sans all the...