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  1. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    Bass.EXE upgrades (Christmas Special)

    Hi everyone! How's y'all Christmas been? Mines been great I guess. I got gift cards, some food, and hanged out with the fam. While also been finding feats and abilities for my favorite Mega Man character: Bass.EXE. This list will be long too so great ready everyone! First let's discuss about...
  2. Reppuzan

    Potential Infinite Speed for Serenade.EXE's Raiment Shield

    Recently, a user brought up a point to me that I should've looked into earlier. Serenade.EXE is constantly protected by his Raiment Barrier (which functions by having the raiment on his back intercept oncoming attacks and send the force back at the aggressor in the form of a shockwave) in the...
  3. AnimeFanboy2916

    Beerus vs Serenade.EXE

    Who would win this fight? No holding back. Winner by K.O. or DEATH!!! Round 1: Speed Equalized Round 2: Speed Unequalized He, she, it? We don't know. But he's still Battle Network's Accelerator.