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sailor jupiter (manga)

  1. Maverick_Zero_X

    Sailor Moon General Discussion Thread

    For any discussion about the original manga, 90s anime, or 2014 anime reboot
  2. Scarletmoon56

    Another ~ Piccolo vs Sailor Jupiter

    Yet Another Piccolo vs Sailor Jupiter match requested by Gargoyle. Piccolo vs Sailor Jupiter Revival of F Piccolo (at least High 4-C) & Black Moon Clan Sailor Jupiter (likely High 4-C) -- Speed Equalized
  3. Dragonmasterxyz

    Sailor Jupiter fights a Samurai Dragon

    For Gar's sake. Sailor Moon vs Digimon Sailor of Jupiter vs The Crimson Samurai God of Destruction -Both are 3-C -Speed is le equal -Takes Place at Athena's Palace -SBA FIGHT!!!! Sailor Jupiter: 1 (Gar) Gaiomo: 1 (Cursed) Inconclusive: 0
  4. Schnee_One

    Piccolo vs Jupiter (Hopefully the Last)

    You want to know what I hate most? My favorite Sailor Moon character, has exactly TWO threads on this site, and both are against Piccolo, another favorite of mine, and yet, this match was never concluded. That is F****** unacceptable and needs to be fixed, Speed is Blah Blah and the fight is...
  5. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Piccolo vs Sailor Jupiter Rematch

    Considering Piccolo is now 3-A, it should be the proper time to have a rematch between him and Sailor Jupiter. Both of them are 3-A and Speed is Equalized, but Sailor Jupiter cannot use her Star Seed Rip/Removal. Who would win?
  6. Scarletmoon56

    Sailor Jupiter vs Piccolo

    Sailor Jupiter: 8 (Kaltias, Nephillim, Iamunanimousinthat, DodoNova, Rprince19, WilliamShadow, Cropfist, Gargoyle 1) vs Piccolo A SM vs DBZ fight that may not be too much of a stomp. Two big, green and strong warriors face off. Conditions: + Both 4-B (Infinity Sailor Jupiter vs Universe 6...