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russia (ivan braginsky)

  1. Lou_change

    Batman?, A robot, and A pyramid fight Russia

    Hopefully this works. Sun Temple, The Anti-Bloon, and Legend of the Night(Super Monkey) vs Russia (Ivan Braginsky) The monkeys know that they have to destroy Russia the landmass and can become Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey. The Sun Temple will start with maximum sacrifices. Russia has one...
  2. Pepper14832

    One 9 tailed Fox Boi vs A cold man who likes Vodka

    Setting: Moscow, Kurama appears and starts to destroy the Capital of Russia. Russia is angry that Kurama Buji Bombs Red Square. Can Russia stop Kurama before all of Moscow is lost? Speed, Equalized, Low-6B versions. KO/Death = Win. Russia: Kurama: Harbinger of Destruction
  3. Vizorus69

    Kurosaki Ichigo VS Russia

    Russia (Ivan Braginsky): True Shikai Ichigo: SBA Speed Equalized Is this a stomp?
  4. Paladinporter

    Kenpachi Zaraki vs Ivan Braginsky

    Hetalia vs Bleach! Both Low 6-B forms Speed Equalized Who wins and why?
  5. Pepper14832

    Britain (Arthur Kirkland) vs Russia (Ivan Branski)

    Alright. These so far are one of the strongest countries in Europe (irl & in Hetalia) So, who will win this? Both have the most hax & abilities out of all the current Hetalia profiles Gonna put bloodlust on this. No prep! Britain: Russia: 1 (Loyalservanttofinti)...
  6. Pepper14832

    Russia's General Winter Feat

    So, Dark has already done a calc (sort of) so I don't exactly have a specific rating for this feat yet. However. My question is, since Russia does have control over general winter who has "toppled entire armies", would this be changing weather or climate control? Reason I'm asking is because if...
  7. Pepper14832

    Possible Slight Tier, AP, and Durability upgrade (Hetalia)

    It has come to my attention that in both the manga and anime adaption of said anime. Russia, notably comes into a meeting late. When England asks why he was late Russia responds by saying he was made to stop several tanks on his way there with his bare hands. Clearly this is not a hyperbole...