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rogue (mega man star force)

  1. Chaos Jester25

    Mega Man Starforce: Noise User Revisions

    Noise has a lot of functions that are not currently listed. It has enough abilities to get its own page. Here is a sandbox that I've made going over Noise and detailing its effects. All of the new abilities have scans attached. I’m proposing that we make a Noise profile. This ability should be...
  2. Ahmed_berserker

    Gohan vs Rogue

    Potential unleashed gohan is used Rogue before he masters the use of noise is used
  3. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    Mega Man: Adding a Tier 5 for Geo and other Starforce/Battle Network characters

    It has come to my attention that Geo Stelar is 4-B and we all know it as fact, right? But that Solar System level feat happened towards the end of the game. So like what about Geo Stelar before Mega Man Star Force 3 in how powerful he was before? Well I found this guy when watching a Megaman...
  4. Reppuzan

    Team Star Force vs Justice League Powerhouses

    Mega Man needs matches on this wiki so... How do the most recent Blue Bomber and The Last Muria fare against the New 52's Daughter of Zeus and Last Kryptonia ? Round 1. Speed Equalized, In Character Round 2: All Out with Morals Off
  5. Reppuzan

    Why Aren't Black Hole Related Feats Quantifiable?

    This morning I checked my email to find that someone has nerfed Geo Stelar's and Solo's stats from 4-B to 5-A on the premise that Black Hole Feats were suddenly declared unquantifiable. That's going from Foe to Yottatons with barely an explantion. It would be an understatement to say that I'm...