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  1. Kiwisociety

    Kira trying to take down Sibyl System

    In 21xx, When Japan are take control by the Sibyl System a powerful network of psychometric scanners, actively measures the biometrics of its citizens' minds and mentalities using a "cymatic scan" of the brain. Light Yagami thought that this system is a threat to his ideal world and try to take...
  2. Lokster00

    Battle of the Law Judge Dredd Vs Kougami Shinya

    this one is pretty simple Judge Dredd (9-B) vs Kougam Shinya with equipment including the Dominator (9-B) Both are Bloodlusted so the Dominator will recognise Dredd as a threat Location: New York let's see WHO IS THE TRUE LAW Dredd: Kougami: Inconclusive:
  3. Nico-v11

    Kougami Shinya vs John Anderton (Psycho-Pass vs Minority Report)

    I just saw Minority Report yesterday and I just couldn't help but see all of the similarities between it and Psycho-Pass....so now we're here! Anyway the fight takes place in Mega City 1 (Dredd reference) 5 kilometers away from each other. Speed NOT Equalized. John Anderto: 0 Kougami Shinya...
  4. RapidMotorcycle19

    Kougami Shinya vs Violet Evergarden.

    9-B forms Kougami does not have a Dominator. Speed Equal
  5. Kyle_Ramos

    Kougami Shinya vs Motoko Kusanagi

    9-B Speed Equalized. Kougami has his dominator and equipment, fight takes place on a isolated building. The system classifies Motoko as a criminal.
  6. Miles_Romero12

    Kougami Shinya vs Light Yagami

    Speed equalized (not that it matters) The renegade enforcer takes on the Kira case on his own! Can Kougami track down Light before his destiny is written in paper? Both physical and mental battle Kougami obviously has his equipment with him. .
  7. Miles_Romero12

    Makishima Shougo (Psycho Pass) vs L (Death Note)

    Division 1´s case took the attention of the greatest detective on earth, willing to give a hand, he takes the Makishima case. The greatest detective vs the asymtomatic silver haired criminal! Speed equalized, of course, both physical and mental fight ensues.
  8. Miles_Romero12

    Tsunemori Akane vs Light Yagami

    The MWPSB has gotten reports of random heart attacks happening in a very irregular pattern and signs of "Kira" appearing all thru Japan. Division 1 was tasked to follow this case and investigate, Since Kougami and the rest are busy on other cases, Akane offered to take on the case on her own...