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  1. The_real_cal_howard

    2-P...I mean 2-B fight: Polaris vs Palkia

    Because alliteration is positively perfect. Which powerful person in pinkish purple palettes will use their powers to permanently put the other on ice when pit against one another? The pearl Pokémon, or the pole controlling piety? Paces not put equal. Party with the prizewinner, and pour one out...
  2. FanofRPGs

    Polaris (SMT) vs Solaris (Sonic)

    I felt this match was too obvious, giving they represent the star/sun, are 2-B, hax'd, and have similar names. Speed is equalized Location takes place in a giant multiverse with plenty of universes and timelines Polaris's stats Solaris's stats Who takes this?
  3. FanofRPGs

    Solaris (Sonic) vs Polaris (SMT)

    I noticed this when looking at a page And realized they were both 2-B and hax'd Who would win?
  4. MagiSinbad

    Polaris (Shin Megami Tensei) downgrade

    I just re-checked the scan for the size of Devil Surivivor 2 multiverse and realized that the statement for the multiverse is not "infinite" it's "Countless" which would fall into 2-B rank Polaris 's current stat is based on the power of Akashic Record, which is the control system that...