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plasma wisp

  1. Starter_Pack

    Here Comes A New (Ghostly) Challenger! (Smash Bros Ability Addition)

    Alright fellas, here's another really quick and simple CRT for you to chew on. My proposal here is simple, let's add Non-Physical Interactivity to the Fighters. Now, obviously, none of the Smash cast are ghosts, so it's not that easy. However, allow me the pleasure of telling you all of a fun...
  2. DontTalkDT

    Kirby Characters Inorganic Physiology Type Check

    It has come to my attention that Dark Matter and Plasma Wisp have Inorganic Physiology Type 2. Especially for Plasma Wisp I have difficulty imagining how it would have a purely physical mind, though. I wonder if they wouldn't more accurately be classified as Type 1. I don't really know the...
  3. Eficiente

    Yellow Devil vs Plasma Wisp

    Other good match-ups with Yellow Devil include Whispy Woods and Coily Rattler. Also kudos for you if you can recognize the 3 fragments from other games in the song. Speed = Yellow Devil: 0 Plasma Wisp: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. Eficiente

    Major Kirby-verse Upgrade

    Only for the low-tiers tho. Explanatio Currently, all the beings in this verse that are either to weak or not strong enough to be compared to Kirby are 5-A and FTL scaling to Knuckle Joe cracking part of Popstar, which we know is immensely large but has a debatable size. I'm not so sure how...