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  1. Magicomethkuon

    Minor Future Trunks Resistance Removal

    Very small adjustment, Future Trunks currently has resistance to Petrification. This is not true because he never resisted Dabura's saliva, instead deflecting the medium that would petrify with his ki before contact. Any petrification that Trunks can't see coming and deflect through the same...
  2. DeathNoodles

    Transmutation Resistance vs Types of Transmutation

    Say, there was a character. That character possesses a type of disease that essentially allows them to achieve Matter Manipulation (Molecular level) and Transmutation through the said disease infecting their targets and then changing them. The disease allows the character to be capable of...
  3. ABoogieYesSir

    Which Regenerationn and Immortality can handle Petrification?

    The title says it ƒºÉ
  4. Agnaa

    Does Self-Resurrection Give Pseudo-Immunity to Petrification?

    Would characters like Medaka Kurokami and Misogi Kumagawa, who automatically causality manipulate their death away when they die, effectively be immune to Petrification? They're kind of a special case since if their brain's functioning they can manually undo the petrification with All Fiction...
  5. Resistance to Petrification?

    This is pretty strange, a characters turn everythings he absorb the life energy to stone but a characters isn't affected because he have a strong life force It's a resistance to petrification or just a mechanic (not applicable in verse equalization)?