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  1. TyranoDoom30

    Kirby vs Grey Kirby

    i hope this don't turn out to be a stomp for one side Kirby vs Orga Both are Low 6-B Speed is equalized Battle takes place at Dreamland AP Difference: Kirby: 1.25 Teratons Orga: 2.06 Teratons Votes: The Name you should know: BIG MONSTA: Incon:
  2. Kiryu2012

    Orga vs Melone (Stats Equalized)

    Orga vs Melone Fight takes place in Yakushima AP, speed, durability, and size equalized Both have previously acquired the DNA of Shin Godzilla, with Orga becoming a hybrid and Melone creating a Shin-based Junior Orga can see and attack Junior
  3. Kiryu-MG3

    Possible Composite Godzilla Speed upgrades

    Someone can help me to make a revision in these calcs? Any help would be highly appreciated. Godzilla Heisei Ver 1 and Biollante could be upgraded into Continet Level according this calc: User blog:Gallavant/Godzilla vs Super X2 Durability calc This calc about a Speed Upgrade for Godzilla...
  4. Fusion_Fanatic

    Orga microscopic Vision

    [[1]] Could see DNA of it's targets in UFO form