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okina matara

  1. Quibster

    Grannies fight over a wheelchair [Yukari Yakumo vs Okina Matara]

    Battle takes place in the Dream World (Touhou 15) Door Granny: Gap Granny:
  2. Pixy

    Touhou god waifu war !! Moonies Yeeter vs Wheelchair God

    The battle between 2 the strongest god in the Series Hecatia Lapislazuli : VS Okina Matara : Location : Gensokyo No restrict anything Fight for yeet other back to Primordial Form
  3. Hecatia_Gaming

    Touhou Deities Upgrades 2 (Featuring Hecatia from Touhou Series)

    Hi. So this thread will work as a kind of continuation of this one that talked about some amount of things that the gods of the series should have. However, I still think there are more abilities that could be added to the profiles. That's the main thing that I have to say, just let's begin. And...
  4. PsychicCipher

    Touhou God and Top Tier Upgrades

    So, I thought that God and Top Tiers in Touhou, such as Hecatia, Yukari and the likes, have more powerful feats to their name, so I have compiled some canon feats, with links, that may upgrade their stats to higher levels. Hecatia (Upgrade to 2-A) - Can create an infinite number of Hells...
  5. Azh'Voroph_the_Crypt_Lord

    The Killer of Gods fights against the Secret God, Bruh momento numero 2

    Jaja yeah Both bloodlusted Greek Kratos is used Speed equalized Battle takes place in Okina's Land of Backdoor Both Low 2-C Who wins and why??? Bald from Brazzers: Knock knock but Disabled: 3 (Dangeroustaco, Ciruno Fortes, Ionliosite) Tzeentch solos:
  6. Omnitraxus100

    Touhou Upgrades

    From what i've seen Touhou should be Tier 1 atleast Yukari Yakumo has the power to undermine all of reality with her powers, that being boundary manipulation of course. All of Touhou is built on the concept of boundaries imgur.com - Imgur Even with this in mind it's emphasized that every...
  7. Andykhang

    Update for Aunn and Okina in light of the latest chapter.

    https://www.*********.co/manga/touhou_ibarakasen_wild_and_horned_hermit/c042/29.html https://www.*********.co/manga/touhou_ibarakasen_wild_and_horned_hermit/c042/30.html https://www.*********.co/manga/touhou_ibarakasen_wild_and_horned_hermit/c042/31.html...
  8. Jiangshi1

    Are you a backdoor man or a valley man? Okina vs Passionlip

    Starting Location - A realm of ice Starting distance - 50 meters Conditions - Any means necessary Speed Equalized if need be Character status - In-character, willing to kill if needbe No prep time https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Passionlip https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Okina_Matara
  9. Andykhang

    A bit of a fix for Okina Marata, the new Touhou boss

    I see that her power to "open the back door of anything" is considered to be Portal Creation. IMO though, considering her position essentially as gatekeeper of Gensokyo, and the "manipulation" part of her manipulation of VIT and SAN, I think it's more accurate to change it into "Portal...