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normal neopet

  1. Imaginym

    Neopets Revisions

    Normal Neopet is a profile. Needs to be worked on. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Normal_Neopet There's about 55 species of Neopet. (Ignore the image at the top, it's out of date. Also, note that it displays the species randomly in Blue, Green, Red or Yellow randomly, because those are the 4...
  2. Imaginym

    Neopets Content Revision Thread New Forum Edition

    Continuing from: https://vsbattles.com/threads/normal-neopet-isnt-a-normal-neopet.71501/ Users who seemed helpful last thread (The 'verse page & Knowledgeable Members section for Neopets lacks users listed.): Joaco0902, Gyro_Nutz, The_God_of_Procrastination, Bobsican. Contacting these users...
  3. Imaginym

    Normal Neopet isn't a Normal Neopet.

    Put simply, we need to decomposite it, to turn it into the profiles for 50+ species of Neopets. (Although who knows if all those species should be considered notable.) User:Numbersguy has several useful blogs, but if he's inactive, I'm always readily available to help with anything Neopets...
  4. Numbersguy

    Pet strikes back: Normal Neopet vs Composite Human

    Can the Neopet beat the composite version of its owner? Normal Neopet Composite Human -The Neopet has the following weapons (Million Degree Sword, Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, Fire Faerie Darts,Demonic Bow ) -The Neopet knows the following moves: Static Cling, Meditate, Throw Pillows...
  5. Numbersguy

    Who is the apex predator now?

    Because why not? Normal Neopet Composite Primate They fight on a deserted town. 10 kilometers away from each other 9-B Normal Neopet and 9-B Primate The primate is fightning a composite of every single Neopet The Primate has the following weapons: IMI Desert Eagle, Accuracy International...
  6. Imaginym

    Per CET note's instructions, thread for blog-to-be-evaluated discussion.

    Quoting the opening post of the Calculations Evaluations Thread: "In addition, for calculation blogs that are long and detailed, or use unusual or uncommon calculation methods, always start a corresponding thread in the calc group forum, and post a link to it within the blog. This is done so...