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nelliel tu odelschwanck

  1. Myxenete

    A little bit of Bleach talk

    Toshiro only has passive Temperature manipulation despite the fact it comes from his reiatsu and if you need any further evidence the Honey Dish Rhapsody just blatantly shows us that he can do it consciously Grimmjow, Nelliel and Harribel have unjustifiable scaling, Harribel blatantly puts HM...
  2. zazabgfd

    Bleach:Espada stats from CFYOW Novel

    Harribel,Nelliel,Grimmjow all have this:High 6-A, higher with Resurreccion, even Higher with certain techniques ,in their CFYOW forms. While Starrk and Barragan have this: High 6-B with Cero Oscuras, higher with Gran Rey Cero. But novel made it pretty clear that Barragan,Starrk and Yammy still...
  3. LordWhis

    Ulqiorra vs Post-TS Nell

    Both start in their strongest form. SBA. The 4th Espada: 1 The 3rd Espada: Incon: Who wins ?
  4. MrForever810

    Former Third Espada takes on Aizen's creation

    Neliel vs. Wonderweiss. The fight takes place in Huenco Mundo (whatever it is called). Both in base forms, no transformations. Tiers: 6-C Who would win?
  5. MrForever810

    Neliel the Goat vs. Yammy the Bull

    The battle takes place in the fake Kanukara Town (whatever it is called). Both combatants are only at 7-A tier, which means they are in Base Form, more or less. Who would win and why? Oh and Nel doesn't have a time limit on how long she stays in Adult Form.
  6. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Esdeath vs Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

    Well,made this due of my interest with Bleach character,enjoy. -Both in character. -7A version is used (Ressureccion Nel vs 7A Esdeath). -Ice commander in chief is restricted. -Place located in Hueco Mundo. -Speed equalized. -Esdeath : 0 -Nelliel : 0
  7. LordGinSama

    Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck vs Roronoa Zoro

    Town level for both Winner by death Speed is equalized