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  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU General CRT⁴

    Yes the title was "inspired" by RoTt35's other CRTs, but I dunno how to format the 4 the same way lmao EDIT: RoTt35 has since typed it out on the MCU Phase 5 Discussion Thread, I have now copy-pasted it onto the title Namor He currently doesn't have any scaling to his durability, since his only...
  2. Marvel_Champion_07

    Iron Man vs Namor (GRACE)

    IRON MAN vs NAMOR Mark 46 Iron Man and Dehydrated Namor are used 7-B lasers and 6-B Vibranium spear are restricted Fight takes place on the beach that Shuri and Namor fought Starting distance of 10 meters Iron Man: 8 (@Dinobot1996, @jojo123, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Marvel_Champion_07...
  3. Námor was NOT significantly weakened during he end fight of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    the title says it all. Namor wasn't significantly weakened during the fight against Black Panther and i will show yall why. We first gotta understand how Namor's power works. This following conversation is Riri and Shuri talking abou their powers: Riri then follows up by saying this: So now we...
  4. The_real_cal_howard

    Namor vs Tapu Fini

    Because water. 5-B for both. Speed equalized. Namor (Marvel Comics) Tapu Fini