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  1. Hunterzillas

    Nagilum vs Q-Prophet

    Not even a real battle that I care for, I'm just legitamately curious as to who the god tier in Star Trek is.
  2. Aeyu

    New Star Trek revisions

    I posted this in part on another thread: I calc'ed the phasers at maximum and minimum input (as seen in the above link) I propose that phasers (Type 2 issue; this would cover all characters in the sequel series past TOS; like Picard, Seven of Nine, and any future profiles. I'll check up on the...
  3. ProspectX

    SCP-239 vs Nagilum

  4. Aeyu

    Star Trek revisions

    Currently being discussed: Top tiers possibly being High 1-B More profiles Non-canon ST profiles All below edits are finished (Edit: It would seem that we now have concrete proof for a solid 1-B upgrade for all the aforementioned characters (Q, Q Continuum, Q-Prophet, and Nagilum, as...
  5. Phoenix821

    Nagilum VS The Doctor

    Both High 1-C Nagilum : 1 (Aeyu) The Doctor : 1 (Hellbeast1) Inconclusive: 1 (SpidermanWins)
  6. Aeyu

    Possibly 1-B Q?

    Already discussed before with the upgrade to High 2-A, possibly higher in his highest form, I've come across something which is an official source that would seem to imply Q's extra-dimensional subspace realm contains countless higher dimensions, something indicative of 1-B. Note that...