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monster house (character)

  1. Sans2345

    Monster House revision: STAY AWAY FROM MY HOUSE!

    So there's some things that are missing from the page for Monster House, the page is very outdated and honestly needs to be worked on, some things i think need to be added are: Have a key and a tabber for Constance Nebbercracker and the forms of Monster House. Constance Nebbercracker would at...
  2. Vizer04

    Batman fights a house (0-0-0)

    Both at 9-A Batman: Constance: Inconclusive:
  3. GodzillaTPP

    A Tyrannosaur takes on.. a house...?

    Once upon a Halloween night, A T-rex was wandering around just outside of an old house. The Tyrannosaur steps on the front lawn and the fight begins...
  4. Sans2345

    Spooky vs Monster House

    both 9-A tier speed equal win via death or KO Spooky: 1 (Frieza Force Solider 100) Monster House: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  5. Sans2345

    Should Monster House Be Noncorporeal?

    Should monster house be noncorporeal cause she is a spirit of a woman hautning and possessing a house.
  6. Sans2345

    You vs Monster House

    -You move to your new house however this house seems like its alive in some sort of way one day you go shopping you come back walking to your house when suddenly your house comes to life and starts to chase you you run down the street thinking of how to destroy it