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  1. Realjackthegamer312

    Bilious Slick vs Mir

    Because why not bear that contains universes: 1 frog that contains universes: 0 draw: 0
  2. NuclearPixelemental

    Mir downgrade

    "See the bear of fearsome size! All the world's within his eyes. Time grows thin, the past is a riddle; The Tower awaits you in the middle." This quote clearly has the apostrophe in "world's" before the s, meaning "the world is" not "the worlds are". He should be downgraded to low 2-C.
  3. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Nicol Bolas vs Mir

    A 2-A Bear? Well ok, I guess. Oldwalker Bolas, Mir is just Mir I guess. Speed Not Equalized'?' I'm not sure how Omnipresent speed vs Immesurable speed should be done. Let me know. This is probably a bad Idea. Nicol Bolas Mir
  4. ABoogieYesSir

    Mir (The Dark Tower) v.s Anti-Monitor

    Both Are 2-A Version Speed Is Equalized Who Wins And Why?
  5. Kiryu2012

    Mir vs Asriel Dreemurr

    Mir vs Asriel Dreemurr Arena: An indestructible black void Rules: In-character with no prior knowledge Asriel's using a small fraction of his power To the death
  6. The_real_cal_howard

    Shardik and Mir

    According to the stuff I see here and on the Dark Tower wiki, they seem to be the same thing. And there's a big discrepency betweeen the two. As in, Pikachu Low diffs Shardik, while a trillion Arceus can't beat Mir. Sorry. Best analogy I can think of. And Shardik actually appears in the books...