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mimori togo

  1. Dannysayan

    Battle off overdeveloped Magical Girls

    Round 1 Yup, Mimori Togo Vs Mami Tomoe Heroes Chapter Togo Speed equilized Who wins and why? Magical Girl Mami The best girl in madoka :3 The best girl in Yuki Yuna
  2. Gojira1234

    Possible Yuyuyu Additions

    With the new season currently airing, it's safe to say that we'll see new feats from the girls, and definite changes will need to be made to Sonoko's profile due to the new Hero system. This'll be a place to discuss the future changes.
  3. ZeroTwo64

    Mimori Togo VS Nightmare (Anime)

    Both at 7-B Speed equalized Who will win and why?
  4. Gojira1234

    Mimori Togo vs Yoko Littner

    Two snipers who get way too much fanservice for their age. Fight takes place in the Jukai. Speed equalized. Both 7-B. Both holding nothing back Who wins? Togo: 7 (Kaltias, GoldenScorpions, DaFritzi, Monarch Laciel , Scarletmoon56, Paladinporter, Elione-Arisu) Yoko: 0 Inconclusive: 0