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meta knight (hoshi no kirby mo-retsu pupupu hour!)

  1. Eseseso

    Hoshi no Kirby upgrades

    All of these proposals are from the scans shown here: Meta Knight's Hoshi Pupu self should have a range of interplanetary. Kirby senses Marx from far away, and breaks the 4th wall, so he should have 4th Wall Awareness. Animal Kirby is digging underground but knows exactly where he is at all...
  2. Arceus0x

    meta knight scaling (manga)

    now meta knight in mo pupupu is... tier unknown... this sucks we have literally all of the verse (i believe) at 5-A and meta knight is the only unknown tier character. i know this does not completley follow all the rules, but he has already resisted attacks from marx, dedede and box boxer at...
  3. Eficiente

    Sans vs M. Meta Knight

    Sans' tier is so useful... Remember that this version of MK doesn't have the range, teleportation or skills of games MK. And if you don't know anything about him you can learn everything in a humorously short amount of time, just read the manga. Speed equalized. Meta Knight: 0 Sans: 3...