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  1. PsychicCipher

    Tiering for Sakuya and Mutsuki

    So, I have seen that the High 1-A tiering has been reintroduced a couple months ago, but with new rules, now a High 1-A cannot simply be infinitely above a 1-A character, but above an infinite recursion of an infinite hierarchy. Aka beyond Infinity^Infinity. With that, Sakuya and Mutsuki's...
  2. QuasiYuri

    Tier 0 and I/O

    "To even be considered for Tier 0, a character must at the very least transcend baseline 1-A characters in the same manner that they exceed ones who are bound by dimensions." - on tier 0 page Isn't this litteraly the difference which exist between Sakuya and Marduk?
  3. YasinRap

    Reinhard Heydrich vs Marduk

    Reinhard Heydrich Marduk
  4. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Marduk vs Lucifer Morningstar

    I/O vs DC. I saw this was a thread before, but was shut down because 1-A threads were banned at the time. Fight takes place beyond dimensions, obviously. Since they are no longer banned, figured it should get a second shot. a God in the machine A man outside the pla
  5. ToAruFan

    Marduk vs Lucifer Morningstar

    Marduk from I/O vs Lucifer Morningstar from DC.