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  1. Neutralino

    Bionicle CRT: High 6-A from Jaller's Nova Blast

    I've calculated a statement regarding Jaller's Nova Blast here. Basically, he can unleash a blast that vaporizes hundreds of miles of water, which is 10.74 petatons/High 6-A at minimum. Most, if not all characters that already upscale from Gali's much weaker Nova Blast should scale from this...
  2. Elizio33

    Corruption for the Makuta

    All the Makuta should have this ability because they are able to infect the kanohi. Some of them have the tridax pod which once unleashed, it release the shadow leech who drain the inner light of the victim making him/her a being of shadow.
  3. Theblack6host96

    Bionicle character update: Icarax

    I don't know if anyone remembers this about Icarax, but he actually was devolved from his Antidermis form by the Kanohi Ignika shortly before the Great Spirit rewakened in book 11: The Final Battle . Could that be added to his page, please?