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link (spirit tracks)

  1. Starter_Pack

    A Demon God Battles The Hero Of Trains (Uta vs. Link)

    I don't know enough about RAVE to give a good pre-battle summary, and for that, I apologize. However, these two characters seem like a good match for each other, and I would like to put them to the test. So, without further ado... In the blue corner, we have Link from The Legend of Zelda...
  2. Oscar

    I'm boring (MvC Frank West vs Link ST)

    Rules: -Speed= -Both are in High 6-B -Frank has access to all of his weaponry but doesn't have access to the Gems. "I've covered wars, you know": "Hyaaaaa!":
  3. Starter_Pack

    Minor Ability Additions for Spirit Tracks Characters

    Back again with another random CRT, this time for a whole game. Let me get the basics out of the way. The first act of The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks sees Zelda get attacked by Chancellor Cole, which causes her soul to be separated from her body. Cole then takes Zelda's body to be used as a...
  4. Js250476

    I like Trains

    the true ultimate matchup that needs no introductions https://youtu.be/uJBcBMjWeTo 17:05
  5. Eficiente

    Malladus' Tier - Zelda Spirit Tracks

    So, why is Malladus only Large Island level? He claimed that he was going to destroy the world in the little time he had left. Not saying Spirit Tracks Link scales to this.