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link (hyrule warriors)

  1. TauanVictor

    Future Trunks VS Link (Hyrule Warriors)

    Future Trunks VS Link (Hyrule Warriors) Fight Location: Mount Hylia Starting Distance: 5m Both in-character Equalized speed DBS Future Trunks | End Game Link Trunks: Link: Inconclusive:
  2. Blueblur24

    Chaz Ashley vs Link(Hyrule Warriors)

    Link Vs. Chaz Ashley Both are at 4-B (Chaz is using his second key 4-B) Speed equalized Who wins and why ?
  3. Parugonu

    Link (Hyrule Warriors) VS Noctis Lucis Caelum

    • Speed is Equalized. • 6-B versions are being used, •Fight takes place in a wasteland, the two start 100 meters away from one another with them having no knowledge of one another. No Ring of Lucii, and both Noct and Link are limited to their regular potions.
  4. The_real_cal_howard

    Link vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    This is Link from Hyrule Warriors. First key. Speed is equalized. This is the Ichigo that's at least 6-B.
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    Kurama (Kyübi) vs Link (Hyrule Warriors)

    Link has all of his items in the game. Speed is equalized. County level for both. Starting distance is 100 meters.
  6. BruceTheBatman

    Link (Hyrule Warriors) vs Darth Vader

    The Hero You don't know the power of the DARK SIDE High 7-A for both. Speed equalized Fight takes place on the Halberd
  7. JustSomeWeirdo

    The Hyrule Warriors scaling is very weird...

    Why are we assuming that HW Triforce = LoZ Triforce? Did the HW Triforce have any feats or statements putting it on the same level? Or...anything they scale to...they scale to canon LoZ despite being a different continuity entirely
  8. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Where'd the Gauntlet calc go?

    There used to be a Dwarf Star Level lifting feat for Link involving him pulling the planet but it's not here anymore.
  9. The_Wright_Way

    Sans and Papyrus vs Link (Hyrule Warriors)

    Round 2: Papyrus vs Early Game Link Speed equalized. In character but willing to kill. Location: Hyrule Fields Combatants start 80 meters apart No preperation. Link only has sword, sheild, and bow. Round 2: Sans vs End of Game Link Link has all weapons except for great fairy. Sans is...
  10. Reppuzan

    Hyrule Warriors Speed Justifications

    First, I want to get something straight, I have not completed a Zelda game outside of Phantom Hourglass, so I don't know jack about the series. That said, the majority of the ratings on the Hyrule Warriors profiles I've seen seem rather haphazard with no justification whatsoever (particularly...