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kyle broflovski

  1. Jason_Courne

    South Park: The lifting strength upgrade

    The kids in South Park should have their lifting strength upgraded for the following reasons: In Fun with Veal, the main boys could lift two veel cattle at once Baby calfs will weigh between 65 to 90 pounds which is a total weight of 59 kg to 82 kg In T.M.I, Cartman could easily shake and...
  2. MistaClean

    Time to take a shot at this, South Park Upgrade

    Alrighty, This is gonna get closed. The Problem The South Park kids are rated 10-C to 10-B but i feel like a 9-B rating would be better. The Proof So.. Eric Cartman has 9-B dura and characters such as Kyle Broflovski and Wendy Testaburger have harmed him before which should give them a 9-B...
  3. Snaily100

    South Park: Kyle's omnipotence. Tooth Fairy Tats 2000

    In the episode "Tooth Fairy Tats 2000" due to questioning his excistance for most of the episode, Kyle temporarily becomes "Everywhere yet nowhere" "Nothing and everything" Powers he directly shows during this state include space-time manipulation, shapeshifting and omnipresence. However it...