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kain (blood omen)

  1. Armorchompy

    Legacy of Kain - Full Verse Revision, Page Overhaul, New Power Page

    So about... early on in 2023, I started getting into the Legacy of Kain series. They're quite interesting games for the record, all flawed but still very worth getting into. Well, as might be obvious, later in that year I started getting an idea to revise its currently kind of lacking profiles-...
  2. Antoniofer

    Rayne Vs. Kain

    Rayne Vs. Kai (BO2). Kain use the Iron Armor along with the Iron Sword and his Axes; this version do not use magic so no need to restrict anything. Speed is equalized and the battle takes place in a Necropolis like this one.
  3. Antoniofer

    Kain (LoK) vs Maka Albarn

    The Scion of Balance vs the Scythe Meister Round 1: BoS Kain with only his iron sword and armor (still has spells) vs. Baba Yaga Arc Maka. Round 2: EoS Kain vs Hunt Arc Maka. Speed equalized. Battle takes place in... Dracula Castle? yeah, why not.
  4. Timefreezer4

    Kain VS Arthas

    Alright, here we've got two soul-harvesting undead warlords clashing in an epic duel to the (second) death. Arthas is Lich King and Kain has Soul Reaver, both are bloodlusted. Alright, who wins and why?
  5. Antoniofer

    Dio Brando vs Kain

    Phantom Blood Dio and Young Kain (EoBO2).Both starts serious. Localization: Joestar's Mansion, at Midnight (cuz vampires). Distance between both: 10 meters. Kain doesn't possesses the Reaver, but could possesses a generic long sword.
  6. Antoniofer

    Dracula (Castlevania) vs Kain (LoK)

    First Round: base Dracula vs. base Kain Second Round: Dracula with with Demonic Meggido vs. Kain with the Reaver (post Blood Omen era) Third Round: Dracula vs Kain with the Soul Reaver (end of Defiance), the battle take place in the Dracula's dimension pocket
  7. Antoniofer

    Kars (JJBA) vs. Kain (LoK)

    Firts: both fighter in base form. Second: Perfect Kars vs. Kain with the Soul Reaver.