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index librorum prohibitorum

  1. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Additions surrounding Information Analysis and Resistance to it

    Proposal: Fiamma should have the following in addition to his already existent instinctive reaction: Limited Information Analysis (Holy Right analyzes the obstacle in order to find its location and the most suitable output to defeat it). Or add it in parentheses next to his Instinctive Reaction...
  2. RaiserAIM

    Kamijou Touma additional abilities and resistance to hax

    [ Resistance to Fate Manipulation ] Touma will not be influenced by God's destiny, because Imagine Breaker can destroy God's destiny. [ Resistance to Death Manipulation ] Touma can negate the effect of Ars Magna which can instantly kill the target. And In each of the 103,000 grimoires in...
  3. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Index Possible Downgrade

    Or at least a change in reasoning. To be blunt, a Nuclear Shelter isn't 7-B. Things are capable of surviving nuclear blasts without being 7-B, as they are very rarely in the Epicenter of the blast. That would make cement of all things 7-B, which is a bit nonsense. I'm not too knowledgeable...
  4. Creaturemaster971

    Possible scaling?

    Would John's Pen Mode scale to Kanzaki at all? I'll have to review the episode to make sure, but I seem to recall that Kanzaki was involved in that fight against Index. If nothing else, she definitely seemed to regard John's Pen Mode as enough if a threat to unleash her full power instantly and...
  5. A6colute

    Mharie vs Index

    Mharie VS Index Librorum Prohibitorum