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  1. Pedonar

    what ability is this

    The god-tier characters in the FFF-Trashero series, such as the Demon King, First Spirit, and Second Demon, have the ability to exist in the past, present, and possibly even the future. In the Rewrite Saga, Han Soo time-traveled to the past, and during his journey, the present version of the...
  2. CNBA3

    Could Quantum Immortality be it's own Type of Immortality?

    I found something interesting in my search of Schrodinger Immortality and found "Quantum Immortality". Would recommend a looksy, but in short, it is immortality through many worlds principle fwiu. It basically puts you in a position of the Cat in Schrodinger's Cat, and the example is where a...
  3. CNBA3

    What Type of Immortality is this? (Quantum/Schrodinger stuff)

    I was wondering, with this kind of information especially referring to Schrodinger's Cat experiment, what kind of immortality would this content entail? If it is more, then are there more abilities this could give? I feel like this could lead to Type 5 Immortality: Deathless. Here are the...
  4. Magicomethkuon

    Question About The Wiki's Guidelines for Immortality Type 8

    (Staff Input needed.) This thread may affect Black Clover, but is not only about it so I named it after the ability in question. Without further ado, Recently and in a thread about the verse of Black Clover and its immortality, a debate happened regarding the requirements needed to be indexed...
  5. Arcker123

    Immorality Question

    May be a dumb question but, If a character dies but can still fight as a disembodied hand, does that count for type 2 and 7 immortality as they can survive without vital organs and whilst dead?
  6. TauanVictor

    Immortality Question

    A character who is neither alive nor dead receives what kind of immortality?
  7. fandom_9TailAcno

    Can berrus killed immortal form other verse?(like immortal from fairy tail, naruti shippuden, seven deadly sin , deagon ball super, bleach etc.

    Can beerus killed immortal? Because many character are immortal in different verse but beerus says he can't kill immortal? is that true? i think that manga page is mistranslated, beerus can kill immortal if they are weaker than him, hakai erase people from exitance, or character like...