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    Shallchair Stoolfallen vs Haxxy Mask

    Second key for Ignika. Speed Equalized. SBA otherwise. Chair with all the feitshes : Mahogany Kanohi : Chairs and masks can't fight:
  2. Elizio33


    If the Ignika was able to create a illusion (Irnakk) capable of converting others into pure thought and erase them from existence, then shouldn't the Ignika have Reality Warping? because this is likely a form of this power right?
  3. Elizio33

    Ignika vs Lloyd Garmadon

    The Mask of Life: The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master: Who win?
  4. Elizio33

    Ignika's powers

    There's some powers that the Ignika lacks such as. Curse Manipulation Shapeshifthig The Ignika can change forms
  5. Elizio33

    Ignika vs The First Spinjitzu Master

    The Mask of Life is used in this fight not Toa Ignika. Who win?
  6. Promestein

    Legendary Kanohi Downgrades

    Just 5-B now. The High 3-A feat is only High 3-A because of limited 4-D power, but we apply that to virtually no pages in practice anymore. It's more consistent to just be 5-B, not just with other pages on the wiki, but in Bionicle itself, where 5-A characters are superior.
  7. Elizio33

    Ignika vs Galactimus

    The fight take place one earth speed equalized who win?
  8. Elizio33

    Toa Ignika vs Rayquaza

    Toa Ignika is at his peak and rayquaza is his in mega form
  9. Elizio33

    Toa ignika vs The first spinjitzu master

    Both at full power speed equalized