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  1. Thelastmlg

    Homestuck overhaul blog

    as i mentioned before, i plan to make a CRT for nearly all homestuck profiles, but i'll post it after the currently active CRT is done as to not diverge attention (staff is going as slow as we can take it, can't risk it), for now however, i already started making the new profiles in this blog...
  2. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Nigh-Omniscient Horrorterrors

    Pretty Simple. Horrorterrors should be Nigh-Omiscient based off of this
  3. QuasiYuri

    Homestuck and Problem Sleuth aren't in the same verse.

    Since the Meat revision I was doing finished erased by some editing bugs, let's do this instead. It's pretty simple: while the "3 first MSPA" are all canon to each other (proved in some pages, but it's not the point) nothing link them to Homestuck. Some people misunderstand the re-utilisation...
  4. Sadistic_Sleuth

    Horrorterrors vs Eldrazi

    Kozilek, Ulamog, and Emrakul go against These guys Eldrazi's profile should just be one profile, not three, but okay Speed Equalized Both are at their strongest Low 1-C keys
  5. QuasiYuri

    Homestuck powers revisions act 7: Keys addition and removal + the others dude powers.

    This one will be the end of the powers revision serie, I'll do the AP/Durability revisions later and finish with one for all the others stats. Key(s) additio Masterpiece key: Basically the event of Caliborn's Masterpiece, which is chronologically after ALL the events of Homestuck, even after...
  6. TheLuffyPlayer

    Sinbad vs Horrorterrors

    vs Both are High 2-A, obviously =P
  7. The_Wright_Way

    Horrorterrors vs. Goku Black

    Both at 3-A. Speed Equalized. vs.
  8. QuasiYuri

    The Furhest Ring

    Horrorterrors are set High 2-A due to residing in the Furhest Ring. But many other characters have already gone into this one. Like Bec Noir or Calliope. They should also be High 2-A. This thread already mentioned that.
  9. The_Wright_Way

    Annoying Dog vs. Horrorterrors

  10. Kople700

    2-A Horrorterror (Homestuck) V.S The Source of All (Sonic)

    Speed Equalized Win By Any Means Both At "At Least 2-A" Horrorterror: 0 Tsoa: 0