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gta online protagonist

  1. King_Dom470

    Red Dead vs GTA

    Da Rules: - No equipment/weapons just straight hands - They start 5 meters away from each other - Fight takes place in armadillo - SBA for everything else Cowpoke: GTA guy: Inconclusive:
  2. Soupywolf5

    Soupy's Bracket Bowl Round 7!

    Round 7! Our combatants are GTA Online Protagonist submitted by Colonel Krukov, And Little Mac submitted by CrackerVolley Speed equalized Here are the Current Standings GTA Online Protag scales to 583.2 Kilojoules, Little Mac scales to 115 Kilojoules (And Giga Mac is allowed) Mini...
  3. WeeklyBattles

    GTA Concern

    So looking through the pages for GTA, the GTA Online Protagonist is 8-A via the Orbital Canno, but said weapon is 8-A for...being able to destroy a 30 square foot area. According to the Explosion Radius/Area page, that wouldnt even be 9-A. Doing the math for this: Y = ((x/0.28)^3) =...
  4. Callsign_Castle

    Fortnite vs GTA

    Fortnite Player vs GTA Protagonist GTA protagonist has vehicles restricted for direct combat purposes, but not strategic purposes (such as getting armor, ammo, etc). Orbital cannon restricted. Standard ammo capacity. Both start at full health, armor, and weapons, 1 kilometer apart.
  5. Callsign_Castle

    GTA Online Protagonist Abilities/Upgrades

    -Peak Human addition -Hacking (Could hack nuclear silo computers to stomp a nuke from launching, hacked the security of multiple banks, can hijack cameras and police databases, hacked a flight control tower in a military base, owns the Terrorbyte which can immediately make all active police...
  6. Huesito88

    Issac (Bing of Isaac) vs GTA Online Protagonist

    Isaac has all his Items Who wins? Inconclusive: 1