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  1. Assaltwaffle

    Tenchi Muyo Mid Tiers Downgrades

    In Tenchi Muyo! there exists a being known as Fuku. This little dude is claimed to have "enough energy to fill a small universe." Sound vague? It is. There are a good number of ways to interpret this statement, with very few actually yielding 3-B. 1. He has enough energy to fill the background...
  2. ZeoParadox

    Tenchi Muyo Fuku missing scan.

    This isn't a stat revision, but as I don't really know how to edit profiles(And don't want to ruin everything). These Tenchi Muyo profiles mention that the members of that race have enough energy to fill up a small universe. So I think it would be nice if someone could add this scan to the...
  3. Verivici

    Snowy's Mom upgrade and Fuku downgrade

    Snowy's Mom: Frisk doesn't have normal human durability, his is much higher and the very fact that she managed to do damage to him/her/they/hen/it/whatever puts her much higher than Below Average Human. Fuku: Was stated to have more energy than a small universe, which puts them at Multi-Galaxy...