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evil eye (one punch man)

  1. Minos_the_Judge

    One-Punch Man Downgrade (Removing High 7-A)

    If I understand correctly, the current justification for High 7-A comes from Evil Eye (AKA Jagan). The source is this calculation. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kachon123/One-Punch_Man:_Evil_Eye_and_Tatsumaki_Make_a_Storm But the calculation uses an extremely controversial...
  2. Cryo123

    Evil Eye vs. Gun Devil. Why? No reason in particular.

    Two really cool demon looking creatures. Evil Eye's AP is 75.75 Kilotons of tnt, Gun Devil scales to 23.415 Kilotons. Evil Eye's Lifting Strength is class M, Gun Devil's LS is unknown, so we'll assume equal LS. Speed is equal because Evil Eye's speed is unknown. Evil Eye's Hax: Superhuman...
  3. LordTracer

    One-Punch Man - Demonic Fan and Evil Eye Upgrades

    So apparently I forgot these things in the last CRT. Demonic Fan pretty much one-shot Fubuki and Evil Eye is stated to be stronger than Fubuki by Murata, so the former should be upgraded to 7-B with Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed and the latter should be ‘7-C, possibly 7-B’.
  4. Peter1129

    One-Punch Man: Evil Eye Upgrade

    Murata said that Evil Eye is stronger than Fubuki here And I know we no longer accept his statements as WoG but Evil Eye is his own original character not ONE's so I think Evil Eye should be an exception. So Evil Eye should be upgraded to 7-C for being stronger than Fubuki.