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emerald sustrai

  1. V999

    RWBY High 8-C VS Random Anime or Manga Characters Round 1 Match 4

    RWBY VS Zettai Karen Children • Speed are equalized • Beacon Emerald is used • Middle School / High School Kaoru is used • Emerald : 9.94 Tons • Kaoru : 4.64 Tons • Location : Vale Tournament Emerald Sustrai : Kaoru Akashi : 1 (@Starter_Pack) Inconclusive :
  2. SilentLyfe

    Super Minor Addition to Emerald

    So very simple. Emerald should also have her Semblance in the range section. We have seen many instances of her affecting people at a distance so it should be noted. I believe the farthest was her affecting Pyrrha from the stands in Volume 3 and considering Amity is this big, it should be...
  3. koopa3144

    Mysterio vs Emerald Sustrai

    (So, this was going to be Weiss or Ruby fight, but I couldn't find any good opponents.) Fight takes place in a warehouse Emerald is in her Beacon Arc Both know the other uses some kind of Illusion Mysterio has his standard Equipment and Digital imagery transmission chip and Poison-Coated...
  4. BruceTheBatman

    Emerald Sustrai vs Neopolitan

    Illusion users of RWBY duke it out. Win by KO or Death
  5. Jinx666

    Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai Vs Johnny Cage & Sonya Blade

    Who wins outta these two assassin duos Both sides are 8-A Speed Equalised Mercury and Emerald: Johnny and Sonya: 1 Inconclusive:
  6. Rakanadyo

    RWBY: Emerald's Semblance

    (still fairly new to some of this stuff, so if this isn't something to ask here, my apologies) Currently, on Emerald's profile (here), her Semblance is listed as "Illusion Creation/Mind Manipulation". However, based on what we know of the Semblance, that seems incorrect. I think it fits more...
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    Diamond in the Rough--Emerald Sustrai vs Starmie

    Both have something to do with precious gems. Emerald is named after one and Starmie's Core is one. Anyway, since Cinder is fighting a giant water fossil bug with scythes for hands, it's only natural for Emerald to fight a giant starfish with a ruby in the middle. Speed equal.
  8. SuperKamiNappa

    Zoro and Sanji vs. Emerald and Mercuy

    CP9/Sumit War Saga Zoro/Sanji Round 1: Zoro vs. Emerald, Zoro has no problem cutting women Round 2: Sanji vs. Mercury Round 3: 2v2, Zoro and Sanji have no problem hitting women Location: Amity Collosseum, with Lava, Ice, Mountain, and Ocean biomes set.
  9. RWBY: Speed Bump!

    Not so fast now are you?
  10. Thebluedash

    Emerald Sustrai vs Esdeath