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elizabeth (bioshock)

  1. H3110l12345I20

    Father and Daughter fights a Man with no mother (Jack (Bioshock) vs Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth (Bioshock))

    I can see why no one has done a match of Jack against Booker and his daugther. Jack is way too versatile and has immortality. I'll try and stack as many advantages to Booker and Elizabeth to where it's fair. Conditions: For victory conditions, I'll remove death of the opponent. And to not...
  2. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Yuki Nagato vs Elizabeth (Bioshock)

    Yuki's Profile elizabeth's profile Incon: 6 Rules: Both 2-C In-Character No knowledge or prep battle in a city speed equalized who wins and why
  3. Legion350

    Some Possible Bioshock Upgrades

    I noticed that Elizabeth is capable of knocking out Booker. Also, Jack's striking strength should be upgraded to Building level as he is capable of killing Big Daddies.
  4. KillitwithC4

    Elizabeth vs Haruhi Suzumiya

    Two glass cannons face off against each other. Haruhi is aware of her powers in this match. Takes place in the hunter's dream a few meters away from each other. Anime's answer to a god The Lamb of Columbia.
  5. Gwynbleiddd


    Why is she rated as Street level physically ,i'm half-way through the game and i don't remember any feats of her that would put her at that level.She should be rated as Human level (10-B).
  6. WeeklyBattles

    Elizabeth (Bioshock) Upgrade

    So after a bit of research (aka replaying the entire game including the DLC), I feel that Elizabeth should be moved to 2-C, if only when she is using the Tears. Reason being during the game she was able to merge two different universes together to create a single timeline. This idea can be...