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dracula (van helsing)

  1. StarSlayer666

    Niklaus Mikaelson VS Count Dracula

    Niklaus Mikaelso VS Dracula (Van Helsing) Dracula: Klaus:2
  2. Kiryu-MG3

    Dracula possible Upgrade to High 8-C

    As I read this is a composite version of 2004 Van Helsing's Dracula. According the game during a battle between Van Helsing and Dracula. Dracula unleashed enough power to destroy Frankestein Castle therefore it started to crumble and it was destroyed off-screen.. This is the battle:[1] And...
  3. The_Archdemon

    The Gunslinger vs The Vampire Lord (Roland Deschain vs Dracula)

    Speed is equalized. 9-A for both. Standard Battle Assumptions Roland Deschai: 0 Dracula (Van Helsing): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  4. StarSlayer666

    Dracula (Van Helsing) VS Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter)

    Abraham Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) VS Dracula (Van Helsing) Location: Dracula's Castle
  5. Legion350

    Dracula (Van Hellsing) vs Vampirella

    Dracula (Van Helsing) Vampirella Speed is Equalized
  6. Matthew_Schroeder

    Dracula Vs. Dracula

    Dracula from Dracula Untold faces off against Dracula from Van Helsing The Historically-Inaccurate Vs. The Scenery Chewing Standard Battle Assumptions The fight happens in a village in Wallachia, both opponents start 100 meters away from each other.