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  1. That_moron2

    Eustass Kid vs Darui (Grace)

    Also known as: KID DON'T MESS IT UP AGAIN!! KID!! Speed equal, Raikage Darui is used Mid: 7 (me, @ZKillerz, @Kachon123, @Popbum, @Nierre. @SatellaTheWoE, @MysticBrawler) Darui: Incon:
  2. RanaProGamer

    New Naruto Scaling Chain CRT Part 1

    Hope this goes well and is civil. Welcome everyone, been a while since I made a CRT so I'm a bit rusty. So I apologize if I add weird justifications. This will only go through Shippuden and POSSIBLY Part 1 Naruto, I will make another thread for Boruto as it would also affect that scaling. Since...
  3. Maxnumb231

    NARUTO Question

    It was stated Darui's storm release laser circus in the guide to be emitting light rays. Does that mean its automatically light speed??
  4. Huesito88

    Darui vs Blake Belladonna

    Blake fights another Panther this is Fourth Great ninja war Darui Speed is equalized Darui: 13 Blake Belladonna: 8