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  1. Hawkseid

    D.Va vs Tron Bonne

    Both 8-A.
  2. AquaWaifu

    Why is D.VA tier 10-B physically?

    Literally everything about her EXCEPT her AP/Striking Strength and lifting strength by herself is well beyond normal human. Speed/durability are both well beyond 10-B
  3. AquaWaifu

    Felicia Hardy vs D.Va

    Black Cat VS D.Va D.Va does not have her MEKA, only her light gun. Both are in-character Speed is equalized Distance is 3 meters. No knowledge or preptime. Battle takes place in New York rooftops at night. Black Cat - 0 ( ) D.Va - 0 ( )
  4. Kabi350

    MEKA Cop Vs Stand User Prisoner

    D.Va notices Jolyne and her clothes. She assumes Jolyne broke out of prison. Jolyne notices Hana's suspicions on her and so takes actions of fighting againsts the high-tech MEKA pilot. Note: Both start 5 meters apart, High 8-C forms are used, D.Va is not allowed to use her Self-Destruct, Speed...
  5. AquaWaifu

    Mech user vs Robot Maid! D.Va VS Marina Liteyears!

    She will shake you to death.....literally. D.Va VS Marina D.Va - 2 (Overlord775, TheNeolancer ) Marina - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS: Speed is equalized Fight is in a grassy field clearing Starting Distance is 30 meters No knowledge or preptime Both are in-character
  6. Teeny6k

    D.va vs Stryder (Titanfall 1)

    Neither pilots can eject from their respective mechsÔÇ¿ Stryder is equipped with the XO-16 Chaingun, Vortex Sheild, Rocket Salvo, Dash Quickcharger Tier 1 Kit, and Big Punch Tier 2 KitÔÇ¿ D.va can not use Self-Destruct Sequence Setting is modern-day New York City
  7. AidenBrooks999

    Upgrade for D.Va (Ultimate only)

    checking on D.Va profile on the Overwatch Wiki, I found some info about her Ultimate, and I decided to make this: D.Va's Ultimate (20 m radius) = 130 Tons of TNT = Multi-City Block level This not scale to anyone, this attack is basically the strongest and can one-shot multiples tank characters...