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colossus (marvel comics)

  1. JustANormalLemon

    For marvel X man fans, Is non metal Colossus still planet level?

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Colossus_(Marvel_Comics) Just what the title say, if colossus can go in and out of metal form, is he always 5-B? if not, shouldn't he have a non transformed key?
  2. Not_Icarus

    5-A Magneto

    Shouldn't Magneto be 5-A via scaling with the other formelly 5-B characters?
  3. PublicMinority87

    Colossus vs Palpatine

    Both are 4-B, Phoenix Force vs Dark Empire Palpatine Speed is equalized
  4. Kiryu2012

    Godzilla vs Colossus

    Godzilla vs Colossus Rules: Human sized Godzilla vs Base Colossus SBA Now this picture i like.
  5. BMWFanboy

    Madara vs Colossus

    This is 5-C Madara and 5-B Colossus Location : Indestructable planet In character Speed unequal Starting : 1 km away from each other
  6. The_Wright_Way

    Saitama vs. Colossus

    Both at 5-B. Speed Equalized if necessary but assume it isn't. vs.
  7. Cropfist

    Colossus' Speed

    Colossus reacts to a baseball thrown by Nightcrawler that was as fast as a bullet. Based on this, I believe that Colossus' reaction speed should be upgraded to supersonic.
  8. DeathBattleMike

    Colossus vs. The Thing

    vs. Who wins? Note: This is pre-juggernaut Colossus.