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  1. Assaltwaffle

    A JoJo Reference: Jonathan Joestar vs Clairen

    A Vampire Slayer has a run-in with Fire's Last Hope. Can't think of a scenario in which these two would fight each other, but let's roll with it. Rules: Speed Equal Standard Battle Assumptions So who wins this? Can the original JoJo punch the furry Lucina time traveling hero out, or can the...
  2. Assaltwaffle

    Agni Kai: Fire Lord Ozai vs Clairen

    Fire Lord Ozai is leading fire down a dark path, and it is up to Fire's Last Hope to challenge him to an Agni Kai and put a stop to his terror. Rules: Speed Equalized Both In-character Standard Battle Assumptions Who wins this? Can the plasma panther from the future stop Ozai? Or will the...
  3. Assaltwaffle

    Dragons and Plasma: Genji vs Clairen

    A Dragon Ninja vs a Plasma Panther. Looks like Clairen has Genji confused for her target, so these two have to duke it out. And yes, this is a Building level+ vs Large Building level matchup. Both are High 8-C now, thanks to upgrades. Speed Equalized Both In-Character Who wins this and why...