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chronos (smite)

  1. Bluetrekking

    SMITE Revisions

    This will be a thread going through the statistics of several Gods in SMITE 4-A Gods All 4-A should be downgraded to 4-B as illuminating the universe is 4-B as calc'd by UMR here. Chronos Type 8 should be removed due to never being shown to be reliant on time. It's a possibility but not...
  2. Acro23

    Dialga vs Chronos (SMITE)

    2-C Forms are taken into acount Win By KO Dialga and Chronos are unaware of each others powers Speed Equalized, Both Bloodlusted No Outside Help is permitted Battle Location : Spear Pillar Battle Theme : Battle! Palkia/Dialga (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_57ptO3TKc) Links...
  3. A_fan_of_a_fan

    Chronos (SMITE) vs. hades (saint seiya)

    the title explains it all its DIS GUY vs. DAT GUY. To make this more fair for chronos who is out haxed by a mile chronos will posses the following: 3K health along with 300 physical and magical protection infinite mana 3.0 attack base speed (amplifiable) 80% cooldown reduction on his...