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chipper (five nights at freddy's world)

  1. Gengar56

    Chipper (Five Nights At Freddy's World) vs Vegeta Blue Evolution (Dragon Ball Super)

    Speed Equalized Chipper's Revenge Vs Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolutionn Metal Chipmunk: 0 Super Saiyan Blue Evolutionn: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Metal Chipper Vegeta Evolution
  2. Modernmyrmidon

    Giga Bowser vs Chipper (Five Nights at Freddy's world)

    Both low 2-C Speed equalized
  3. Unoriginal_Memes

    Chipper Abilities Additions

    Chipper should have Statistics Reduction as he can decreasean enemy's stats, Summoning and Power Mimicry with Mimic Ball, Paralysis Inducement via Jumpscare, possibility to OHKO his opponents via Esc Ke, and possibly Reality Warping through the same attack.
  4. Papyrus2345

    Low 2-C free for all

    Goku vs Bill Cipher vs Pennywise vs Chipper Who wins
  5. Stryk3r1337

    Son Goku vs Chipper

    Both Low 2-C Goku is in his Mastered Ultra Instinct Form Speed Equalised Both in-character Win by KO or Death Fight is in the World of Void This is more balanced than Goku vs Animdude. Who wins?
  6. Jinsye

    Metal Chipmunk vs. Blue Hedgehog

    I need to stop making too many threads. Speed Equal if nessecary. Darkspine Sonic vs. Chipper's Revenge. Metal Chipmunk: 0 Blue Hedgehog (More purple-ish in this form though): 7