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cherno alpha

  1. ThePrimalHunter

    Pacific Rim CRT

    What better way to start this CRT than to cue the most badass theme in any movie ever So this CRT is going to mainly be focusing on downgrading the characters from Pacific Rim Currently, we have the high tiers of the verse, such as the category V Kaiju and Mark-6 Jagers scaled to City Level+...
  2. Peppersalt43

    A Robot Suit shows Atom who's the alpha

    Cherno Sigma : 0 Barely shrinks and grows : 7 Incon : 0 Giant form Atom used Speed equalized Fight takes place in an Arizona Desert, 200 meters apart Story Below The rise of the kaiju forced many of earths mightiest heroes to emerge and fight off the monsters until a solution could be found...
  3. EightAte8

    (ÐçðÁÐÇð¢Ðïð╣ ð░ð╗ÐîÐäð░) ðÆÒé╣ ÒÇîÒéÀÒâ│Òâ╗Òé┤Òé©Òâ®ÒÇì (Cherniy Alfa versus Shin Gojira)

    (Image TBA) My Favourite Jaeger versus My Favourite Kaiju Round 1: Reaction Speed Unequalized Round 2: Reaction Speed Equalized Area: Tokyo Who wins?