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celty sturluson

  1. PsychicCipher-2

    Celty Calc

    Can anyone calc this feat of Celty (with her head restored) containing a giant explosion?
  2. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Shiki Ryougi vs Celty Sturluson

    An shadow rider vs an assassin,both have create their urban legend themself,but what happen if they meet? who will win!!? -Place located in mountain road,and its night -Both in character -Kanesada Kuji is restricted -Speed equalized -Range is 30 meter -Win via death!!! VS Celty : 0...
  3. Creaturemaster971

    Durarara and Baccano revisions

    This has been said before, but nothing really came of it, so just bringing it back up. Celty Sturluso is ranked as Multi-City Block level because her shadows can cover this distance. This seems more like a feat of range than Attack Potency. Normally this would be a minor issue, if not for the...