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brienne of tarth

  1. LordTracer

    Arya Stark Page Overhaul

    In Season 7, Episode 4, Arya sparred with Brienne. During that spar, she blocked several of Brienne’s strikes and took a kick from her, although it did knock her to the ground. Overall, it appears that Arya is somewhat weaker than Brienne since she was knocked to the ground by her kick, but she...
  2. RoTt35

    Brienne of Tarth and Valyrian steel swords 9-B upgrades

    Brienne of Tarth Attack Potency and Durability: Brienne of Tarth has Oathkeeper, a Valyrian steel sword that has an AP of 9-B. A weakened Sandor Clegane was able to trade several blows perfectly with Brienne of Tarth, who was using Oathkeeper. The two fought on par but Brienne ultimately won...
  3. LordWhis

    Ser Brienne of Tarth vs the Mountain

    Brienne has Oathkeeper. Mountain is alive. Brienne: Mountain: 1 (DivineTedrius) Who wins this ?
  4. LordWhis

    Arya Stark Upgrade to 9-B?

    She could fight evenly with Brienne.
  5. EightAte8

    Brienne of Tarth Upgrade

    She's fought on par with Sandor Clegane, so I think she should be upgraded to his level. Feel free to disagree if you wanna, but it only makes sense to me. Also, sorry if I've posted this on the wrong board. Lemme know and I'll change it if need be.